Air Heat Pumps with high output for Individual Solutions
TERRA AL Twin air heat pumps are equipped with two compressors.
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  • 17,24 or 32 kW
  • 2-stage variant
  • Demand-based output adaptation with two compressors
  • Cooling integrated as standard
  • Low design height
  • Integrated heat pump management NAVIGATOR 1.7 control indoors; protected from weather conditions
  • Pure outdoor setup
Air heat pumps with their high output values are an attractive alternative also for larger objects. The new iDM TERRA AL Twin is a very good example with its compact, low design, it is suitable for outdoor setup. In light of the high air throughput at heating output values of 20 kW and more, setting the system up outdoors is far easier to implement than setting it up indoors as the required air ducts are not necessary. Exclusively the controls are located in a separate control cabinet indoors to protect them from weather conditions. Such air heat pumps allow the installation of systems with up to 100 kW in cascades.