Smart Lighting


Smart Lighting Overview

At Loxone we invest a lot of time and energy in the development of our products – to provide you with high-quality products that you can rely on and be proud to show off. Our lighting product range is steadily growing and offers you unlimited possibilities for smart, convenient lighting design.

From discreet spotlights to standout pendant luminaires, we have the products you need to create stunning lighting throughout your home. Furthermore, our lighting products are straightforward to install, and can be conveniently controlled with our Loxone Touch switches.

Light in the Loxone Smart Home

In a Loxone Smart Home, your lighting can do much more than switching on and off automatically. Create unique lighting moods, adjust your lighting via the app and much more.

Optical alarm

In the event of an alarm, be informed immediately by having your ceiling lights flash.

Control lights via the app

In the Loxone Smart Home app, you have all your light sources under control and can control them as the mood takes you.

Alarm clock

Let yourself be woken up gently by your lighting gradually fading up to full brightness.

Night lighting

If you wake up at night, gently dimmed light accompanies you to the bathroom.

Lighting Products


LED Ceiling Light RGBW

With its built-in motion and brightness sensors, the full-colour LED Ceiling Light is a powerful all-rounder that can conspicuously fulfil the requirement of smart lighting.

LED Spot RGBW Tree White

The new Loxone RGBW LED Spot Tree offers directional warm white light and diffuse coloured light to provide an incomparable lighting experience in a Real Smart Home.

LED Ceiling Spot RGBW

Our LED Ceiling Spots combine stylish lighting with maximum energy efficiency, high quality and easy installation.

LED Pendulum Slim

A beautiful luminaire for any setting: the Loxone LED Pendulum Slim. The clever lighting architecture and the sophisticated design make this lamp elegantly unique.