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The Brain: The Loxone Miniserver

The Loxone Smart Home combines all the components of your home into one central system, the Miniserver. It gives you simple, unparalleled command of your home. Be in control or lean back and let the AI do the thinking for you.

The highest IQ

The Miniserver perfectly meets the needs of the occupants of a smart home, performing tasks according to schedules, while considering seasons, weather and occupancy. A Loxone Smart Home adapts to suit your lifestyle. The system know what to do and when to do it, before you even notice – it’s always one step ahead. The Loxone Smart Home has by far the highest IQ in its league. Its only limitation is the creativity of its owner.

Everything for your smart home

In a Loxone Smart Home, systems are expertly integrated, connected and automated. A Loxone Smart Home performs differently to isolated smart home systems, many of which lack the ability to work cohesively together, despite offering control via an app. We bring reliable, powerful software and hardware together, seamlessly to create a home that’s tuned to your needs and preferences.

Loxone 360° – The complete solution

All of the Loxone products are meticulously designed in Austria to ensure they work perfectly in your home. All Loxone products communicate with each other via the Miniserver, so they seamlessly work together as one unit.

The dream of the 360° Smart Home that integrates all areas has become a reality.

Music, shading, lighting, security, heating & cooling – everything that makes up a home is brought together and managed intelligently.

From blind motors to ceiling spots – at Loxone you get everything from a single source, with the assurance that every product you buy from us is 100% compatible with your Loxone Smart Home.

Your privacy is protected

Unlike many other smart home solutions, Loxone does not share your personal information with third parties. Loxone works completely independent of a central data cloud. This way, data such as presence, temperature and alarm modes remain where they belong – with you. We stay true to our slogan: “My Miniserver, my data.”

Grows with you

Loxone products are designed to perform reliably in your smart home for many years to come. Even if your home changes, whether that’s in the form of an extension, renovation or the arrival of a new family member, your Loxone Smart Home can grow and adapt with you.

Future-proof products

In our specially founded Future Lab, we are dedicated to the topics of the future, from innovative products to the optimal integration of e-mobility or energy solutions.

Through ongoing updates, every Loxone Smart Home stays up-to-date and is expanded every year with new functionality, free of charge.

Suitable for retrofitting

With our proprietary wireless technology, Loxone Air, you can transform your home into a smart home without the wires. Loxone Air offers great reliability and flexibility for areas of your home where pulling cables may not be practical or possible.

Smart Home Overview

The Loxone Smart Home changes the way you live your everyday life. A Loxone Smart Home is not only comfortable, energy efficient and safe, it also frees up your time by performing thousands of actions each year you would usually have to do manually.

We create products and solutions that work perfectly together, are easy to install and affordable. We are the supplier of the logic, expertise, software and hardware – a single source of smart home excellence.

So Much More

Loxone offers a wide range of products for your smart home, everything from the Miniserver to accessories, such as lighting, blind actuators, heating equipment, access control, alarm systems and multi-room audio systems – we have the right products for your project.



RGBW 24V Compact Dimmer

The 24V RGBW dimmer unit can be seamlessly integrated into the Real Smart Home, enabling the intelligent control and automation of light sources..

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor is one of the most important sensors in a Loxone Smart Home; it provides the foundation for automating key smart home functions..
touch pure

Touch Pure

Contemporary design, revolutionary control! A sleek design with a silken glass finish and clean lines gives this product its name – Touch Pure.

Weather Station

In a Loxone Smart Home, the precise measuring of localised weather and the forecasting of weather conditions can play an important role.

Intercom XL

This video intercom, which is compatible with smart phones and tablets, is designed especially for Loxone Smart Homes and is suited for use in apartment buildings.

Modbus Electricity Meter

The bi-directional energy meter with Modbus serial interface helps you to monitor energy usage and run your home more efficiently.
Room Comfort Sensor Air

Room Comfort Sensor Air

The must-have for optimum indoor climate in your own four walls: the indoor climate sensor. Precisely measures temperature and humidity

Many more accessories available

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