Modbus Electricity Meter

The bi-directional energy meter with Modbus serial interface helps you to monitor energy usage and run your home more efficiently.
  • Records detailed data such as energy, current, active power and voltage
  • 3-phase meter
  • Easily integrated into a Loxone Smart Home


The Modbus Electricity Meter helps you to save energy and run your home more efficiently. The benefits of installing the Modbus Electricity Meter in your electrical distribution board includes:
  • Accurate data: The Modbus Electricity Meter provides data such as energy (total and partial), active power, voltage and current.
  • Available as Single Phase or 3 Phase: For monitoring and evaluation, for example, compare the energy consumption and the production of electricity in your home.
  • Bi-directional: The Modbus Electricity Meter reads whether and how much electricity has been produced or consumed.
  • Easily integrated: With a handy template in Loxone Config, the Modbus Electricity Meter is easy to integrate into your home.
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