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Heating /cooling distribution manifold

  • Plastic manifold with internal air chamnbers for heat insulation
  • Flow indicator in the return can be pre-set (10 – 145 l/h)
  • Optimised for low temperature surface heating/cooling
  • Detachable locking ball valves on teh flow and return bar
  • Deaeration option, rinsing option via filling and drain cocks
  • Modular structure
  • Completely oxygen-tight
  • Nameplates
  • All parts self-sealing, manifolds pressure-tested
Operating parameters
Max test pressure 10 bar (only with water)
Max operating overload pressure 6 bar
Operating temps -20°C to +90°C
(anti-freeze filling)

Installation depth of heating circuit distribution manifold
140 mm
All Devices


  • Boiler flow: 1″ female thread
  • Boiler return: 1″ female thread
  • Heating circuits in the flow: 3/4″ Eurocone*
  • Heating circuits in the return: 3/4″ Eurocone*
*Clamping screw fittings for VarioProFile pipe 16×2 Laser Variomodular pipe 11.6×1.5 Laser pre-insulated Variomodular pipe.

Manifold modules

Red manifold module
Red manifold module