LED Pendulum Slim

A beautiful luminaire for any setting: the Loxone LED Pendulum Slim. The clever lighting architecture and the sophisticated design make this lamp elegantly unique.

  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Unique lighting architecture
  • Unlimited number of applications
  • Allows for gentle dimming
  • Rapid installation

Unique, elegant lighting characteristics

The Pendulum Slim stands out with sophisticated flair and unique lighting.

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Diffused, soft colour lighting

Diffused light provides pleasant and discreet lighting that sets the mood. With the Pendulum Slim, you can choose from millions of colours so you’re sure to find the right one for every occasion.

Focused, warm white lighting

With directed or focused light you can highlight or accent different features within your smart home or present specific furniture or decorative features in a new light.

Revolutionary Lighting Architecture

The revolutionary light architecture, developed by Loxone, combines directed light and diffused colour light into a single luminaire and gives you endless possibilities for use.

High-quality cable with fabric sheathing

The fabric covered cable gives your smart home an even more modern, sophisticated touch. With a length of 2m, the height of the luminaire can be adjusted according to your needs.

Powder coated luminaire

The aluminium housing has been powder coated to give it an elegant and subtle matte finish.

Available in white and anthracite, the pendulum lamp is ideal for all styles of home.

High-quality glass diffuser

The diffuser is made from high-quality glass, ensuring a natural and visually appealing dispersion of the Pendulum Slim’s colour light.

Designed specifically for use in a Real Smart Home

The Pendulum Slim fits beautifully into your Loxone Smart Home. Through a careful design and manufacturing process, we have ensured 100% compatibility with all Loxone systems – new and existing.

Ultra energy efficiency

With the LED Pendulum Slim, a warm, feel-good atmosphere is created through the use of colour lighting. Thanks to the incorporation of separate channels for red, green, blue and warm white (RGBW), there are endless possibilities for your colour lighting.

What’s more, the Pendulum Slim is ultra energy efficient, looking after your energy bills as well as the environment.