LED Ceiling Spot RGBW

Our LED Ceiling Spots combine stylish lighting with maximum energy efficiency, high quality and easy installation.
  • Modern built-in LED spots for ceilings, walls or furniture
  • Designed with the Loxone Smart Home in mind
  • Beautiful colour light spectrum
  • Separate LED for the delivery of warm white (WW) light (3,000 Kelvin)
  • Highest energy efficiency class: A ++ with a max. power consumption of 9.4W
  • Estimated lifespan of 25 years
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Beautiful light, fully dimmable

Whatever the room – achieve the perfect light with Loxone LED spots.
The right amount of light, adjustable to whatever the occasion.

By using the LED Spot RGBW Tree or the PWM variant, in conjunction with the RGBW Dimmer Air / Tree, you achieve a soft, gentle dimming curve compared to conventional dimming types.

Maximum energy efficiency

With the RGBW LED spotlights, rooms can be designed according to your wishes in different light shades and create a pleasant feel-good ambience. Thanks to separate channels for red, green, blue and white you hit the mark with every colour light choice. And by the way, you save on your electricity bill and the environment.

Clips into place with the magnet mount

Install the LED Spot quickly and easily on the ceiling or wall. Thanks to the two mounting magnets, the spot is held securely without any visible screws.

High quality. Made in Europe

We have made every effort to develop a spot that combines a timeless design with the latest LED technology. The best thermal management ensures a very long service life whilst a simple and innovative mounting system makes for hassle-free installation.

  • High-quality brand LEDs
  • Sophisticated aluminum heat sink for optimal, passive surface cooling
  • Long service life with up to 25,000 operating hours. This corresponds to a lifespan of about 25 years (assuming 2.7h use per day)
  • Diffuser for high light transmission and perfect light results
  • Fixing magnets for easy and quick installation
  • Long-lasting surface finish
  • Ready for installation, including quality clips

Exclusive colour design in white and anthracite

Our RGBW Ceiling Spots are available in white and anthracite, so you can choose the one that best suits your home. You could even match your ceiling spots with the colour of your Loxone Touch switches!

Elegant lighting from above

The LED Spots have a simple, elegant design to suit any style of home. Thanks to their luminosity, they can be used for lighting throughout the home, even in large rooms.

How many LED spots do you need?

It is important to install the correct number of LED spots suitable for the room size to get the maximum benefit of our smart lighting.