LED Ceiling Light RGBW

With its built-in motion and brightness sensors, the full-colour LED Ceiling Light is a powerful all-rounder that can conspicuously fulfil the requirement of smart lighting.
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • Timeless design housing the latest technology
  • High lumen output
  • Uniform spread of light with diffuser
  • Smooth, gentle dimming curve
  • Available in white or anthracite finish
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A simple solution for beautiful lighting

Let there be light! For more than a hundred years the simple light bulb has transformed the way we live. Fast forward to the age of the Loxone Smart Home with our Ceiling Light. When done correctly, lighting has the ability to enrich our lives.

The new Loxone Ceiling light presents a simple solution for beautiful lighting in almost any room of your home. It is equally as versatile as it is subtle by fusing together the latest technology and timeless design.

See your home shine in a new light.

The all-round Ceiling Light – with Real Smart Home functionality

Whether your room should glow in warm, white light or shine in atmospheric colourful lighting is up to you. The intensity can also be adjusted to your personal needs – from bright to discreetly in the background. The ceiling light serves every aspect of a demanding lighting concept.

But brilliant lighting is not only about practicality. It can also be used as a smart alarm clock or silent doorbell. Having been designed for a Real Smart Home there are so many more possibilities than simply light.

Integrated motion sensor – a must-have in every room

A motion sensor is integral for Real Smart Home features to truly benefit the occupants. With the use of the Loxone Ceiling Light, there is no need for a separate motion sensor as it is already integrated into the luminaire.


No more fumbling around in the dark. In the Real Smart Home, the motion sensors play an important part in automating the lighting. As soon as you enter a room it measures the light levels, and if necessary the appropriate lighting mood for that time of day or night will turn on. The motion sensor in the Ceiling Light can offer this intelligent control for every other Loxone lighting element in the room.


Burglar Alarm

Protection for you and your family. The built-in motion sensor can detect potential intruders. If an unwanted guest is detected your smart home will take action by flashing the lights and playing loud audio to deter the intruder. Of course, if this happens and you aren’t home then you will get a notification on your phone.

Multiroom Audio

Hearing your favourite song is a great way to start your day. When you enter your bathroom in the morning your favourite radio station or playlist can begin to play.

Much more

Designed for a Real Smart Home, there are many more features waiting to be discovered. Think of a Smart Night Light – in the case of you having to get up in the middle of the night, soft, dimmed light can guide your way to the kitchen for that midnight snack.


Great light for almost any room

Whether you want soft dimmed light; bright, warm white; or colourful light – or perhaps you want to use the Ceiling Light as a nightlight or for task lighting. Thanks to its versatility it adapts perfectly to each and every one of your needs. The Ceiling Light presents the ideal lighting solution for almost every room.