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SBR wastewater treatment system – Klaro Easy

Inclusive power failure recognition

  • No live parts need to be installed in the tank
  • All movement processes are performed by three air lift pumps
  • Compressor provides the plate ventilator with air
  • Low maintenance components
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How the system works


Charging phase

The wastewater goes into the 1st chamber for primary treatment, where the solid substances are retained. From there, the wastewater is fed into the SBR reservoir (2nd chamber)

Aeration phase

The biological cleaning by micro-organisms now occurs in the SBR reservoir. Short aeration and rest phases inter-change in a controlled cleaning process. The so-called activated sludge can now develop with millions of micro-organisms and clean the water thoroughly.

Rest phase

A rest now follows, during which the sludge sinks to the bottom of the system. This allows a clarified water zone to form at the top of the SBR reservoir.

Sewage water draw-off

The purified wastewater can now be fed into a discharge system or into an infiltration system. Afterwards, the sludge is fed back from the SBR reservoir into the 1st chamber.