Intercom XL

This video intercom, which is compatible with smart phones and tablets, is designed especially for Loxone Smart Homes and is perfectly suited for use in apartment buildings.
  • mobile face-to-face communication, even from remote locations
  • integrated iButton reader to allow access using an electronic key fob
  • the display screen can show up to 100 names or functions
  • large viewing angle: 105° horizontally, 65° vertically
  • high quality, weather-resistant housing made of aluminium and real glass
  • one cable wiring using PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • easy to install, configure and commission
  • suitable accessories: Loxone flush-mounted box and & surface box
All Devices


Perfect for apartment buildings

The new Intercom XL has been developed especially for Smart Flats or other multi-unit dwellings. It can store up to 100 entries, which can be for ringing flats, or can also be used as a universal input. This means that options to switch on external lights or similar can also be stored and selected using arrow keys. Additionally, entry by electronic key fob is part of the package as well with the integrated iButton Reader.

Designed especially for smart homes

The Intercom XL was specifically designed for Smart Homes and can be fully integrated into yours in mere minutes. It boasts additional features such as playing the doorbell chime over your multiroom audio system or access control and lighting when you get home.

Mobile face-to-face communication

Even when you’re away from home, you can find out who is at the door – all thanks to mobile face-to-face communication. Even when you’re out and about, the free Loxone apps for smartphone and tablet enable you to see who has just rung your doorbell. You can talk to your guest and open a door for them. Just one click in the app will open the garage door so that the courier can deliver your parcel.

Integrated iButton reader

The Intercom XL’s iButton reader makes use of iButton technology to provide you with the simplest and best value way of managing access to your Smart Home. Configuring your integrated iButton reader can be done very quickly. The iButton key fobs are cheap, so if one is lost it can simply be deleted from the system, meaning that it will no longer function as a key. New key fobs can simply be added to the system.

Superb quality

The materials used mean that the Loxone Intercom XL not only looks great, it’s also prepared for all kinds of weather conditions!