Infiltration Tunnel Twin 600 L

  • Specifically designed for the detention and infiltration of rainwater, controlling the drainage of rainwater into the groundwater
  • The twin infiltration tunnel is space saving and cost effective. Offering a double infiltration or detention volume over the same building area 600 litres
  • Its all laid on one level and can be extended at will to any length
  • Up to 12000 litres infiltration volume per pallet
  • Installation can be done without heavy equipment as one twin infiltration tunnel only weighs 20kg
  • Single module all stacked in-line and provided with two end plates
  • In order to facilitate free design of the surface above, the system can be permanently loaded with approx. 3.5 tons per m² and is, therefore suitable for vehicle loading
order no.QuantityLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
410130 1 1160 800 1020 22
Twin tunnel
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