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Heating Circuit Group HKGE

For low and high temperature heating circuits.

  • Ajustable constant return mixing valve
  • Intergrated gravity brake
  • Intergrated sensor sleeve
  • Universal fit for various heating controllers
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With Wilo-Stratos high-efficiency pump

  • Energy cost savings of up to 90% with unique 4 watt ECM technology
  • Extremely convenient: thanks to automatic bleeding
  • Automatic adjustment: with thermostatic valves, reduction of flow noise
Operating pressure max. 3 bar
medium temp max. 95°C
Heat output HKGNT/E – 9kW at t 10K
HKGHT/E – 16kW at t 20K
Gravity brake 2 x 20 mbar in FL/RL
Pump/E Wilo Stratos PARA