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Gypsum Fibre Floor

Floor heating and cooling

The VarioComp compact floor heating system will give you new ideas. It’s not only ideal for drywall construction, but also for gentle renovation of old buildings and for floors where there is no room for screed.

VarioComp floor heating is extremely thin, with an incredible panel thickness of only 20 mm! In spite of it’s slim line design, it is a rapid action, powerful floor heating system which provides a lot of comfort.
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For the convenient extraction of rain water in the garden. Includes a 2-way valve and hose connection.



The VarioProFile pipes are fastened securely. Completely free pipe laying (e.g. meander or bifilar). Afterwards just pour the compact filling compound, draw it off, and you’re done. It is that simple and fast. After a short drying period, the floor covering can be laid. The compact panels are made of FERMACELL ® gypsum fibreboards, tested for health and safety (IBR Institute for Building Biology, Rosenheim).