• Simple to install and easy to use
  • Use a simple hose connection socket and pressure sensitive pump for automatic water activation, purposely designed for this system
  • Low visual impact
  • Reduces electricity consumption by using a pressure drop activation system, so that electricity is only used when required
All Devices

Hose Connection

For the convenient extraction of rain water in the garden. Includes a 2-way valve and hose connection.


Scope of supply

  • Carat S underground tank

  • Maxi telescopic dome shaft safe to stand on, with an adjustable PP lid 0 mm – 300 mm
  • Filter package 2

    • Internal Universal Filter 3
    • Inflow stilling system for controlling water inflow
    • Overflow siphon and rodent guard
    • Spannfix pipe connection sleeve
  • Garden Comfort pump package

    • Integra INOX Submersible and suction pump, with protection against dry running and automatic start/stop function
    • Floating water extraction unit
    • Water hose connection box
    • 10m of pressure hose
  • Single tanks available in