12 Channel Amplifier

Our 12 Zone amplifier (for 6 zones in stereo mode, 12 in mono) is a robust and stylish piece of kit with a steel casing – the ideal complement to our 8 Zone and 12 Zone Music Servers.
  • Unbeatable sound quality
  • Automatic standby and ‘wake up’ Function
  • Perfect in combination with the 8 and 12 Loxone Music Server
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Exceptional sound quality

Our 12-Channel Amplifier always hits the right note. The sound quality really is second to none when it comes to home audio.

Auto-standby & turn on

The Loxone Amplifier automatically switches to standby mode when it’s not active, helping you save electricity. Once a zone plays music again, the amplifier is automatically enabled.

Combine items for a great deal

Combine the Loxone Amplifier with the Loxone Music Server to experience the best quality multiroom audio at the best price.