Variotherm Ceiling

The ModuleCeiling Classic & Acoustic

The materials and technology used are the same as those for the Drywall Heating & Cooling. In this case, the modular panels are attached to the ceiling.  The ease of installation is a superb advantage for the installation professional. 


  • Large surface cooling and heating of ceilings
  • Available with a smooth surface or sound absorbing acoustic surface
  • Flexible installation system
  • Low energy costs thanks to efficient low temperature systems
  • Biological material
  • Completely silent
  • Certified fire resistance
  • 10 year guarantee

Attics and Renovations

  • Every attic conversion needs ideal heating & cooling systems
  • The modular panels adapt perfectly to complex roof structures
  • In winter, radiant heat is emitted
  • In summer, hot attics are cooled extremely effectively
  • Just like sitting in the shade of a tree