TERRA SW Complete

Airsource heat pump
Airsource heat pumps 300 KW in cascades in large-scale properties
iDM TERRA SW HGL Complete geothermal heat pumps operate with environmental energy from groundwater, deep drilling, flat collectors or comparable heat sources. Internally, we refer to this geothermal heat pump model for detached houses as the Complete. Our objective was to construct a system that can be installed and connected very easily and cost-effectively. A term you may be familiar with from your holidays is ‘all inclusive’ – this is exactly what the Complete system from iDM offers you. Living and well-being thereby become one.
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The pumps are characterised by maximum efficiency, maximum convenience and a maximum level of innovation:


A top COP of 4.8 as per EN 14511 Optimised annual performance coefficient with electronic injection Integrated high-efficiency pumps for heating and heat sources All electrical consumers are switched off in standby mode


Simple and versatile operation with NAVIGATOR controls Remote maintenance and control using APP and web function Very silent operation Heating, air conditioning and hygienic hot water with IDM system (NAVIGATOR) and iDM Hygienik technology


Natural heat and energy are available to you free of charge – a benefit that really pays off. Potentially save up to 50% of heating costs compared with conventional heating systems.


No soot, smoke or wood dust can impair the air quality. When operated with ecologically-friendly power (e.g. hydropower, photovoltaics, etc.), the entire energy generation process is completely free of emissions and CO2-neutral.


Ready for Smart Grid to enable an intelligent use of in-house solar energy or cost-effective electricity rates High-temperature function up to 62°C Fully electronic refrigeration circuit monitoring Integrated, electronic heat meter

Main characteristics

Unique in the market. Simply control your new iDM heat pump system using the NAVIGATOR 2.0. The NAVIGATOR 2.0 lies at the heart of iDM’s system technology. By using the Navigator 2.0 you can control your heating system via your mobile phone, tablet PC or notebook.

The NAVIGATOR 2.0 is very flexible. Up to 6 heating circuits can be controlled individually. That means 6 different time schedules for heating and 6 different temperature zones in the house.

The iDM NAVIGATOR 2.0 controls your heating, depending on the outside and inside temperatures. It has been geared towards iDM system technology with fresh water heating and HGL. Run heating, air conditioning and heat up fresh water cost-effectively and throughout an entire lifetime.
  • Navigator 2.0 control system with capacitive 7″ colour touch display
  • Up to 4 zone controllers with 8 through room sensor controlled zones and 1 zone with timer
  • 3 comfort levels eco, normal, comfort with temperature tolerance bands
  • Remote control via smartphone app (Android & iOS)
  • Weather forecast based control
  • Heating and cooling
  • Self-learning system for optimal energy usage
  • Optimazion of the term due to the hourly request of the currant electricity prices (optional)