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Septic Tank System – Anaerobix

Simple and cost effective

  • Anaerobix is the new low-cost cleaning syste replacing standard septic tanks
  • The bio-reactor, filled with PVC mesh material increases the cleaning performance of a standard septic tank several times over
  • The large surface of the bacteria friendly, recyclable plastic carrier material allows the bio film responsible for the cleaning process to cover a larger area
  • Works completely without electricity
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The benefits of the anaerobic system at a glance

  • Much better cleaning performance than standard septic tanks Cleaning performance over 90%, PIA certified (Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology, Aachen, Germany)
  • No electrical power consumed, no mechanical components (e.g. pumps, float switches, etc)
  • Simple to install with standard 110mm PVC pipes
  • Largely maintenance-free
  • Installation in proven GRAF tanks
  • Very good value for money