Multi-Room Audio


Multiroom Audio & Multimedia

Music can be relaxing, make us happy and reduce stress. Why not create moments of happiness in your Loxone Smart Home through music? Wake up to your favourite song in the morning, listen to relaxing music while in the bath after a long day at work and incorporate sounds for specific events like a doorbell chime when someone is at the door. The opportunities with multiroom audio are endless.

Enjoy more time for life

Life in a Loxone Smart Home sounds beautiful, too. Your music & multimedia devices are intelligently automated, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy. Have your whole house or individual rooms welcome you as you walk in, playing your favourite playlist on entry. When you leave, the music will automatically turn off. 

You could have the multiroom audio in your home play at full volume should unauthorised entry be detected, in a bid to scare off any intruders. Have your home let you know when your guests have arrived with a door chime sound effect being played in specific rooms. This is all possible with Loxone, and it is up to you which features you’d like.

Multi-room audio – your favourite music in every room

With multiroom audio, you can choose which rooms play the same music and have something completely different playing in others. Choose relaxing music in the lounge to unwind with a glass of wine and a good book in the evening, while the children listen to an audiobook in their bedroom.

Choose from a wide variety of sources – from your personal music collection through to music services such as TuneIn, Google Play Music, Spotify, or simply stream audio straight from your smartphone with AirPlay.


In a Loxone Smart Home, various home entertainment devices can be incorporated into a centrally-controlled music & multimedia solution. From the TV to the amplifier – say goodbye to all of those remotes and simply control these devices from the Loxone Smart Home App.

Just one app

With Loxone, you’ll be able to control what’s playing all around the house with just one app. You’ll have an overview of what’s playing and make individual adjustments at any time. Whether it’s changing the volume, skipping songs, choosing a new playlist, scrolling through albums, playing your personal favourite from your library or queueing up a new chart-topper – it can all be done in one app.

Simple control

Control the music in the room you’re in from just two touch points on a single switch. From these two touch points you can play and stop the audio, turn the volume up and down, as well as change the audio source.

Different kinds of home entertainment devices can be incorporated into a Loxone Smart Home, so you can turn on the XBox and switch the TV to the correct AV source with just one touch.

Security integration

In the event of an intruder being detected, your multiroom audio becomes the siren for your alarm – playing a specific audio track through the speakers in your home at full volume. Unleashing this kind of audible defense is likely to scare any unsuspecting burglar away.



Loxone Music Server

The new Loxone Music Server has been developed specifically for use in Smart Homes.

12 Channel Amplifier

Our 12 Zone amplifier (6 zones in stereo mode, 12 in mono) is a robust and stylish piece of kit.

Loxone Wall Speaker

The Loxone Wall Speaker has solid construction, slimline design and top sound quality.
loxone speaker

Loxone Speaker

The Loxone Speaker is the perfect built-in multiroom speaker for your Smart Home.