sun | powerpack classic
Optimise your direct consumption of photovoltaic energy

sun | powerpack classic is based on the proven lead technology combined with an appealing and up-to-date design. The awarded AGM-technology of HOPPECKE has been optimised particularly for this application, for instance by adapting the material of the electrode.

The result: Improved price-performance ratio at a comparable cycle performance compared to batteries of the design OPzV (battery with liner plate).

The sun | powerpack classic offers many benefits for the installer and user. Installing and servicing of the system is even simpler. Additionally, it is the first choice for price-oriented and environmentally conscious customers.
  • Increase in efficiency of your PV system

    Optimised energy consumption costs
  • High energy yield and long life time

    Optimised energy management
  • Security from self-contained power supply

    Even in the event of a mains failure or load shedding
  • Easy handling

    Plug & Play components
  • Outstanding quality

    Using maintenance-free solar batteries “made in Germany”
  • Design Life

    10 years
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