Product Brochure

An overview across the full range of smart solutions in one brochure

Smart Home

Loxone – Smart Home

Dive into this brochure and explore the capabilities of a real smart home

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Come back and find out

Solar Systems

Victron Energy

Sustainable self-consumption and energy storage solutions

Fronius Primo

The communicative inverter for optimised energy management

Fronius Galvo

The future-proof inverter for small self-consumption systems

Fronius Symo

Maximum flexibility for the challenges and applications of tomorrow

Water Solutions

Rainwater Harvesting

The complete rainwater harvesting range from our supplier GRAF in Germany

Stormwater Management

The complete stormwater range from our supplier GRAF in Germany

Wastewater Treatment

The complete wastewater range from our supplier GRAF in Germany

KRONOTERM – Hot Water Solutions

Kronoterm Hot Water

All integrated hot water heat pumps from the leading manufacturer in Europe

Kronoterm Heat Pump – 450L

The biggest available unit world wide of this kind, with smart integration via external sources

Kronoterm Heat Pump – 270L

Smart in function, while kind on the budget – advanced features for the smaller family

Kronoterm Heat Pump – 200L

The entry model – Efficient hot water heating for appartments, with basic temperature controls

Heat Sources

Mitsubishi ECODAN

The frequency controlled heat pump with heating, cooling and hot water mode

IDM – Terra SW Complete

Harvest the energy from the ground with IDM geothermal heat pumps

IDM – Terra Al Max

Air heat pumps from Austria with market leading efficiencies for larger projects

IDM – Terra Al Twin

Air heat pumps from our supplier in Austria with market leading efficiencies

Space Heating

Screeded Floor Heating Systems

The standard floor heating system with high density polystyrene underneath and screed above

Plastered Wall Heating/Cooling

Surround yourself with warmth by turning your walls into heat exchangers with hidden plastered pipes

Ceiling Cooling/ Heating System

Keep your cool on hot days. Each of the systems guarantees the perfect room temperature under all conditions

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